What is the Arddleen & District Community Association (ADCA)

And what does it do?

The Arddleen & District Community Association (ADCA) is a registered charity with a Board of Trustees, and was established when the Village Hall was built in 1970.  Its role is to provide amenities to, and support for, the local community.  It is funded by income from the hire of the Village Hall, the Bonus Ball scheme (see below), fundraising events and public donations.

ADCA manage and maintain the Village Hall, the community open space at Wide Water Wharf, the phone box book exchange, the village playground, and various floral areas around the village.

Ardleen Village Newsletter

A Village Newsletter is published every quarter and distributed free of charge to all households.

Its aim is to keep residents informed of what has been happening and what will be happening in the village.

Content is always welcome: feel free to contribute  .

Arddleen Bonus Ball

A Lottery Bonus Ball scheme is run to raise funds for the Association.  It is based on the results of the weekly Saturday National Lottery.  Residents can by a ball number, or numbers, for £1.00 per week.  If the National Lottery’s bonus ball has their number on it they win £25.00! 

To join, contact Angie Jones: e-mail jonesangie56@yahoo.co.uk  or telephone 01938~590023.

Profits go towards maintaining the village amenities, which benefit everyone, so if you lose you still win!

Become a Volunteer?

All of the above are carried out by volunteers, and we always welcome anyone willing to offer a helping hand, formally or informally. 

You don’t need any particular skills, just a desire to get involved, meet new people and help in improving and maintaining the place that you have chosen to live in.

New faces with new perspectives, ideas and skills are always welcome.

If you would like to join our Committee, or offer your services to help without being on the committee, please contact David Jarvis:

E-mail david.jarvis0401@btinternet.com  or telephone 01938 590744