Deytheur Educational Foundation

Charity number: 525718

The Deytheur Educational Foundation is a charitable trust fund that distributes grants to A-level and university students in the Deytheur Hundreds area.

There is an application process that students, within the catchment area, can apply to for funds toward their studies.

Contact the Clerk, Mr Mike Lloyd

Also known as the Manor of Deytheur, the fund was formed in 1981 and exists from interest that has accrued from the property of the old Deytheur Grammar school, which closed in 1967. 

The grammar school was founded in 1690 and had an interesting and sometimes turbulent history for the next 277 years.

The school has been demolished but the schoolmaster’s house is the large 3 storey house still standing in the centre of Deytheur.

Deytheur Grammar School

Mr Dave Edwards, whom many of you will know from his time as a local auctioneer, was a pupil at the school in the ’60’s. He now lives in Sarnau. He has this to say about his time at the school:

‘I went to Deytheur grammar school from 1959 to 1966. I was a day boy-and I think it cost my parents £5 a term for me to attend that school. I cycled to and from school-about 2 miles each way- but when I was 16 I could use my motorbike-an Excelsior 98 cc- top speed 45 miles an hour. There were about 15 day boys at that time and about 30 boarders, who came from all over the country. Just boys-no girls. During World war 2 there had been about 150 boarders- people from the cities wanted their children to go somewhere safe in the countryside. The school had a good reputation and a lot of influential people went there. When I was there there was the Headmaster Harold Fynn, his brother Sidney and an Irish teacher called Mr Dunne. It was Mr Fynn who put me in touch with Harry Ray- a company in Welshpool- which got me started on becoming an auctioneer-and I then sold livestock all around the local area for more than 40 years…….Deytheur old boys still have a reunion every July-although there aren’t that many of us left-I’m 74 and am probably the youngest there-but we enjoy meeting up and remembering the good times we had playing football and cricket on the sloping field opposite the school ……..having to get the ball from the ditch at the bottom…….’

Applications for Foundation

Deytheur Educational Foundation- DEF for short- seeks applications each October from young people in further or higher education and is able to give grants to those who live in The Manor of Deytheur.

The link below shows the boundary that DEF uses to decide if a person lives in the Manor of Deytheur. The red line within this map shows if you are in the catchment area.

If you live within the boundary and are a young person in further or higher education, you may be eligible.

This boundary was taken from a paper map provided by Cllr Jack Evans when he was a Powys County Councillor when DEF was established in 1981.

You can see the original map of the Manor of Deytheur on the link below. This map was made in 1747.

The Manor is just those bits that are shaded in brown-it was not a single block of land.

This link also tells you why the map was made in the first place….it wasn’t to teach geography, so it may not be ‘geographically accurate’ and you would not be able to transpose it easily onto a contemporary map.

Along with the map is a survey, which is a book that lists all the Townships that existed at the time and the rents available from each tenant. So that tells you partly what the map was for-to collect rent ! As you can see from the map some names are familiar- Domgay, Rhysnant, Trefnanney- but others are not. I think that the bit labelled Thretherwen =Feibiongynnwas Township is what is now Arddleen. And I can’t find any mention of Llandrinio on the map but it is listed as a Township in the accompanying book.

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